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Residents seeking health care coverage often wonder, “What is Medicaid in New Hampshire and how can it help my situation?” Medicaid is a health care program funded on a federal and state level, which provides low-cost health care options for millions of Americans in the United States. The Medicaid program in NH provides basic medical services and treatments to applicants who have earnings below a percentage of the federal poverty line. It is important for applicants to understand as much information about Medicaid as possible in order to make the application process simpler. Knowing the particulars of Medicaid in New Hampshire can alleviate any unnecessary surprises that can arise. For instance, understanding the Medicaid costs and coverages, including any out-of-pocket expenses that an applicant may incur, is important to preventing any financial roadblocks. Medicaid costs remain low for petitioners, since primarily federal and state provisions fund it. This also contributes to the types of services Medicaid offers as coverage too. Beyond the federally mandated Medicaid benefits, state funding can also contribute to the optional benefits that New Hampshire decides to cover.

All applicants should understand how to verify Medicaid eligibility prior to submitting an application. Eligibility for Medicaid includes different areas of consideration, including personal information, household composition and income requirements. Since income plays a huge role in determining eligibility for Medicaid, applicants should calculate their income and assets in order to assess eligibility. Gathering crucial information about Medicaid eligibility can help applicants plan accordingly.

Other Medicaid information that should be understood by potential applicants involves the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) expansion. CHIP provides specific Medicaid coverage to children. In conjunction, the ACA expansion affected multiple residents in states that elected to participate. Get comprehensive information about Medicaid requirements, the application process and coverage from the program in our free guide.