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Medicaid provides 69 million U.S. citizens and American immigrants with health care coverage. Often, people ask, “What is Medicaid?” when they are searching for a means to afford medical services. Medicaid is a medical assistance program designed to serve low-income families and individuals by providing them with affordable health insurance. Since the program is jointly funded by the state and federal governments, the states implement their own qualifications and coverages for the program while abiding by federal guidelines. Nationally, Medicaid expanded in 2012 under the Affordable Care Act passed by the Obama administration. This Medicaid benefits expansion enabled states to provide more coverage to a wider range of individuals, which has given millions of people access to medical care. Additionally, families seeking information about Medicaid can learn more about how Medicaid’s expansion includes the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

When a household wants to learn more information about Medicaid, members should aim to become familiar with the many features of the program. Medicaid covers a variety of different medical services, such as primary care. By exploring Medicaid benefits, potential recipients know whether their medical needs will be fully covered or if there will be any costs associated with care. While all states require Medicaid applicants to meet certain income limits and citizenship restrictions, other Medicaid qualifying factors vary regionally.

After prospective petitioners determine they qualify for Medicaid and the program fits their health care needs, they can explore the application process. The Medicaid application confirms a household’s need for assistance while simultaneously verifying each member’s identity. Part of understanding the application process consists of knowing what happens after the application has been submitted. Becoming familiar with information about Medicaid’s application process beforehand helps applicants be better prepared for a successful experience. While there is much to learn, it is worthwhile to get as much information about Medicaid as possible before applying. For more information about Medicaid and to learn how to apply for benefits and more, download our free guide.