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What Is Medicaid? The West Virginia Medicaid program provides low-income families affordable health care options. It is important for applicants to gain as much information about Medicaid eligibility, benefits and program details as possible. The more a Medicaid applicant is prepared, the smoother the process will be when filling out the application. Medicaid program eligibility relies on a variety of different factors, which can include citizenship status, household composition as well as personal information. Once an applicant establishes Medicaid eligibility, he or she should begin filling out the Medicaid application. Millions of Americans are covered by Medicaid benefits across the country. Since Medicaid is a government funded program through both federal and state provisions, the bulk of the costs for Medicaid services are covered, which is what makes it extremely affordable for applicants. West Virginia will provide the most necessary medical services covered under the Medicaid program, with optional benefits added at the discretion of the state. Understanding the information covered by Medicaid can go a long way for applicants who seek to prepare before committing to an application.

One of the most important pieces of information about Medicaid involves eligibility requirements. All applicants must meet the established Medicaid eligibility rules in West Virginia in order to qualify for benefits. Medicaid eligibility can range from a variety of factors, some of which might need further documentation to accompany the application. If supporting documents are needed for a Medicaid application, then the applicant must include them to be considered. Familiarizing oneself with the Medicaid program eligibility can make the application process much simpler.

It is also crucial to understand different parts of Medicaid such as the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, as well as the recent expansion. Did the Affordable Care Act, or ACA expansion affect Medicaid in West Virginia? Specific states in the U.S. expanded their Medicaid coverage options to millions more Americans. For comprehensive information about Medicaid, download our free guide.