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Many people find themselves asking, “what is Medicaid in Ohio?” even though they have most likely heard of this important program before. Medicaid is a federal- and state-funded health insurance program for low-income families and individuals. In addition to low-income households, Medicaid also provides affordable, government-funded health insurance to individuals with disabilities, children, expectant mothers and senior citizens. This medical assistance program is responsible for providing millions of American citizens who would otherwise go uninsured with health care.

Before Ohio residents can apply for Medicaid benefits, they must make sure they are eligible. In order to be approved for Medicaid assistance, individuals must meet basic requirements regarding their income, citizenship and resident status. It is essential for Medicaid applicants to understand how the program works and what exactly the application process entails in order to ensure successful access to the healthcare benefits Medicaid provides. Oftentimes, finding more information about Medicaid can be tiresome and difficult. Find out everything you need to know about Medicaid by downloading our free guide.

Aside from basic application requisites, Medicaid petitioners must be aware of the specific and detailed information the application requests. Specific information for Medicaid includes descriptions of a household arrangement, and proper documentation is necessary to support the information that the applicant provides. Once a petitioner is approved for enrollment, the awarded individual or household should review the various costs and the specific coverage provided by the program. Learning about Medicaid coverage is extremely important, so that beneficiaries can fully understand what kind of health care they will receive under the program and how much it will cost them. Also, recipients must learn about the numerous health care services that Medicaid does not provide. Furthermore, the Medicaid expansion is another important item to review as an Ohio resident, in order to learn how the Affordable Care Act has affected Medicaid recipients within the state.