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North Dakota Medicaid benefits are available to approved applicants seeking affordable healthcare coverage. “What is Medicaid exactly?” is a question that many new applicants initially wonder. Medicaid is a government program that provides medical treatments and services at low cost or no cost to approved applicants. It is important for prospective petitioners to understand ND Medicaid eligibility requirements before beginning the application process.

The most critical piece of information about Medicaid eligibility that all applicants should learn involves income requirements. Since Medicaid benefits in North Dakota are designed toward mostly low-income applicants, potential petitioners usually must fall at a certain percentage of the poverty line. The reason why Medicaid is such a popular insurance program is due to the fact that the costs for medical treatments and services are usually low, if anything at all. Since ND Medicaid is funded by the government, the cost remains affordable, even with out-of-pocket expenses.

Applicants can learn the medical services covered by North Dakota Medicaid in order to be prepared to apply for and use Medicaid benefits. For instance, understanding what Medicaid will cover can help prevent any unnecessary surprises or medical emergencies that can arise. Medicaid insurance in ND covers a variety of services from basic medical necessities such as physician’s visits to optional benefits that other states may not cover. Funding for Medicaid comes from the federal government, which means that there are federally mandated services that must be covered by law. However, there are also other Medicaid benefits that North Dakota elects to cover based on funding provided on a state level. Understanding the Medicaid services offered in North Dakota will afford an approved applicant a much smoother Medicaid experience. You can download our free guide to learn more about Medicaid services and the Medicaid application process.

Information about Medicaid in North Dakota can change depending on circumstances at a state or federal level. For example, Medicaid recently went through an important expansion that affected millions of Americans. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Medicaid expansion essentially provided health care opportunities to applicants who normally would not have received Medicaid coverage. Staying up-to-date on ND Medicaid information updates and changes can help applicants and participants to know about coverage changes. You can learn more about Medicaid in South Dakota by reading the topics below.