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Learn About Medicaid in Maine

Insurance provided by Medicaid in Maine offers medically necessary services for eligible applicants. Medicaid is a program geared toward low-income families to provide insurance options that they would not otherwise have access. Many applicants often wonder, “What is Medicaid and how is coverage determined?” Medicaid is both a federal- and state-funded program, where the bulk of costs for services are covered through government funding. This funding allows Medicaid benefits to be offered to applicants with very few out-of-pocket expenses. While there are many federally mandated benefits that by law must be offered in every state, Maine also has its own optional benefits to offer residents based on state funding. Information about Medicaid coverage is important for new applicants as well as established applicants to better prepare themselves for the application. For example, within the past few years, the Affordable Care Act expansion was enforced under former President Barack Obama, which provided millions more Americans with the opportunity to enroll in Medicaid. These changes to Medicaid increased eligibility, allowing for more residents to be coverage. Staying current on pertinent Medicaid information can make all the different for prospective petitioners.

Medicaid benefits in Maine are provided to applicants who are approved for coverage. One of the most important parts in establishing approval is determining the Medicaid eligibility requirements. Income requirements play a huge role in determining Medicaid eligibility, as Medicaid applicants must fall within a certain bracket of income and assets. The good news is even if parents surpass the Medicaid income requirements, their children can still find insurance coverage through the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP.

Maine Medicaid applicants should prepare themselves with as much information about Medicaid as possible. Understanding the basics of Medicaid eligibility, including how to apply for Medicaid benefits and what to expect from the Medicaid application will be most beneficial to an applicant. For information about Medicaid requirements and how to apply for benefits, download our free guide.