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Prospective applicants may wonder, “What is Medicaid in Connecticut and am I eligible to apply?” Medicaid provides affordable healthcare to millions of Americans across the country. The purpose of the Medicaid program is to offer basic medically necessary services to low income families who otherwise would not have access to healthcare. Medicaid has progressed throughout the years as a government program, especially after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Medicaid expansion. Understanding the most basic information about Medicaid services and the eligibility requirements that must be met in order to qualify can make the entire process much easier for every applicant. One of the simplest parts of Medicaid to understand involves the medical services offered to approved petitioners. Medicaid is funded through the government, which means that both state and federal funds contribute to the program’s longevity. For this reason, CT Medicaid is able to cover the majority of medical costs for approved petitioners. In conjunction, receiving state funds also allows Connecticut to add optional benefits to what they offer Medicaid beneficiaries. There are federally mandated medical services which much be covered by each state, but also optional benefits that extra funding allows.

Understanding eligibility information for Medicaid in Connecticut can help all prospective applicants. What is Medicaid eligibility, exactly? The CT Medicaid application process will require specific personal information in order to determine eligibility for the program. Personal questions required for Medicaid involve age, date of birth, Social Security number and more. Establishing eligibility prior to beginning the application will make the process much more straightforward.

Other aspects of Medicaid information that should be understood involve how the Medicaid ACA expansion affected Connecticut Medicaid and what the Children’s Health insurance Program (CHIP) provides in terms of healthcare benefits. Medicaid benefits have shifted since the ACA expansion, and it is important for applicants to know if and how Connecticut was affected in order to better prepare themselves. It is critical for new Connecticut Medicaid applicants to prepare as much as possible not only prior to submitting the Medicaid application, but also once approval is determined. To learn more about all aspects of the Connecticut Medicaid program, continue reading the topics below.