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California Medicaid, known as Medi-Cal, is a public health insurance program funded by the state and federal governments. This medical assistance program serves to provide health care to millions of low-income California residents who cannot afford it on their own and do not receive benefits through their employers. Furthermore, Medicaid in CA provides various platforms for residents to get multiple kinds of coverage and to work toward self-sustainability. California was able to expand its Medicaid benefits in 2014 after the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2012 so more Californians than ever have the opportunity to receive health care assistance. California residents typically inquire, “What is Medicaid?” when looking for more information about Medicaid, because the program has multiple facets and can be a lot to digest. Understanding if Medicaid is right for you consists of reviewing eligibility criteria to see if you qualify, the types of coverage the program offers to see if it fits your needs and the application process for preparation.

It is important to be aware of California Medicaid qualifications, because the program is designed only for certain groups of people. While this medical assistance program was not established for everyone, it does work to incorporate eligibility for most low-income households in California. This means the most crucial factor in determining Medicaid eligibility is an applicant’s income. However, there are other qualifications petitioners must satisfy. To learn more about the requirements for Medicaid, you can download our free guide. Moreover, those interested in Medicaid in CA should also make it a point to be very familiar with the benefits Medicaid offers well before they decide to apply. Examining the types of Medicaid coverage and any costs associated with that coverage helps prospective beneficiaries formulate a health care plan that fits their budget.

If interested petitioners have determined they may be eligible for California Medicaid benefits, then they can begin to learn more about what information its application asks for and what happens once an application is submitted. Medicaid applicants in California can learn more about the application process ahead of time so they can have their documentation and information ready to go, which makes completing the application much easier. Learn more about Medicaid application information, eligibility factors and coverage by selecting a link below.