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Under the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion in Nevada, eligibility rules were expanded to include other groups of applicants who would not have otherwise been approved for benefits. The ACA Medicaid expansion was enacted in 2012, and allowed states the chance to opt in for expanded coverage if they chose to participate. Thirty-one states expanded Affordable Care Act Medicaid eligibility rules, and Nevada was included. For the states that opted out of ACA expansion for Medicaid, their coverage eligibility requirements remained the same. So, what is the expansion of Medicaid and how did Nevada residents benefit? To begin, the Affordable Care Act Medicaid application stayed the same with only slight adjustments made to the requirements needed in order to be approved. The new ACA expansion for Medicaid primarily benefits new applicants, or petitioners who have not yet been approved into the program. For those established applicants wondering, “What is the Obamacare Medicaid expansion change that will affect me?” the answer is that there is none. The Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion does not affect established petitioners, as they have already been approved for benefits, so eligibility requirements are no longer of concern. The new ACA Medicaid eligibility rules provided expanded qualifications for thousands of Nevada residents who were not previously eligible for benefits. Those applicants looking to apply for Medicaid benefits should know exactly how the ACA expansion in Nevada changed eligibility rules. To find out more about the Affordable Care Act Medicaid application, including the ACA Medicaid expansion cost to states, continue reviewing the sections below.

Learn About the ACA Medicaid Expansion in Nevada

The ACA Medicaid expansion in Nevada was headlining news across the country in 2014. Under President Obama, the Affordable Care Act Medicaid eligibility rules shifted, allowing thousands more petitioners the chance to receive Medicaid coverage. Most wondered what the expansion of Medicaid was, exactly, after Nevada became one of the states to participate.

For example, before submitting an Affordable Care Act Medicaid application, petitioners should know what to anticipate, in terms of requirements. States that opted in for ACA Medicaid expansion chose to do so under the guidelines provided by the program. Other states that chose not to participate may have done so due to the costs associated. While federal provisions and funding were provided for the expansion, state funds still needed to be provided. The ACA Medicaid expansion cost to states was seemingly high for many, and if their budgets did not allow, their healthcare departments opted out of the expanded benefits.

What does opting in for the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion mean for Nevada?

What is the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in Nevada and how have petitioners been affected? The basics of the ACA Medicaid expansion involve an increase in the amount of new applicants covered by Medicaid benefits and the Children’s Insurance Program (CHIP). Obamacare Medicaid expansion details prove a reduction of uninsured Nevada residents – down 28 percent from 2013 to 2015. Not only that, but the ACA expansion for Medicaid also increased the number of patients covered over the past four years by almost 300,000. Nevada used the funding provided to expand the ACA Medicaid program, allowing residents the chance to have quality, affordable health care options. So, how has the expansion of Medicaid actually expanded? While the percent of poverty for income eligibility was once around 133 percent, the ACA Medicaid expansion allowed for a federal poverty rate of 138 percent. I addition, pregnant women can now have an income of up to 160 percent, with children eligible for CHIP with a household income up to 200 percent. The majority of the Nevada residents who were affected by the ACA expansion of Medicaid were adults without children who were employed, but did not have health insurance options through their employers. To learn more about income limits for Medicaid, download our free guide.

One of the most interesting parts of the Medicaid ACA Expansion in Nevada is how the total net enrollment for the program skyrocketed to 90 percent. This increase was much higher than other states and second only to Kentucky at 105 percent.

What happens if the ACA Medicaid expansion is repealed in Nevada?

Recent news of the repeal of the ACA Medicaid expansion in Nevada has worried most applicants that received coverage through the expansion. The Trump Administration is working to replace the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion, which may cause problems for approved petitioners, as well as those planning to learn how to apply for Medicaid in the near future. If the ACA expansion for Medicaid is repealed without a program to replace it, then the applicants who fall below 133 percent of the federal poverty line will still be eligible to receive benefits. However, those who qualified under the 138 percent poverty income requirement will lose coverage.

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