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The Montana Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion, also known as the ACA Medicaid expansion and the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, was accepted in 2015. Each state within the U.S. had an option to accept the Affordable Care Act expansion of Medicaid, and 31 states, plus Washington D.C., chose to accept. Montana was one of the states that approved expanded Medicaid coverage. Enrollment using the new Affordable Care Act Medicaid eligibility guidelines began almost immediately, with coverage being enacted as of January 1, 2016. Many Montana petitioners wondered, “What is the expansion of Medicaid and will it affect me?” With the Medicaid expansion in MT, the income bracket and requirements changed, allowing more applicants the chance to find affordable healthcare without the stipulations that were originally set. Those wondering, “What is the Obamacare Medicaid expansion?” can find more information in the sections below.

Learn About the ACA Medicaid Expansion in Montana

Montana accepted the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion new eligibility and coverage guidelines. Under the ACA Medicaid expansion, applicants could simply be approved for coverage based on income limits alone, rather than other specific stipulations. The only petitioners affected by the ACA expansion of Medicaid in MT were those who are newly eligible to the program. Established petitioners were not affected by new Montana Obamacare Medicaid expansion details, as they already received benefits through the program. Some petitioners who previously did not meet the requirements or income levels in order to be considered for Medicaid eligibility now have a chance to qualify for benefits.

Many states opted out of the Medicaid expansion simply due to budgetary concerns. Since Medicaid coverage was expanding for those accepting the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, there would need to be more money allotted to states in order to cover those new applicants. Federal provisions were provided to the states that accept Medicaid ACA expansion, but the states that accepted would have to contribute funding to the program after a certain amount of years. The ACA Medicaid expansion cost to states seemed worthwhile to Montana lawmakers, as they recognized the benefits that the new expansion would have for their residents.

What does opting in to the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion mean for Montana?

The Obamacare expansion of Medicaid in Montana added some new changes to the program. While there is a new Affordable Care Act Medicaid application, any changes within the application itself are minimal. However, some of the most drastic changes to come from the expansion of Medicaid in MT includes the number of people who have become insured since the expansion occurred. Thousands of new beneficiaries have found Medicaid coverage under the expansion program. In addition, there was a 36 percent reduction rate in the number of uninsured residents from 2013 to 2015. Children are eligible for ACA Medicaid coverage with a household income of up to 143 percent of the federal poverty level, while pregnant women are eligible with a household income of up to 157 percent of the federal poverty level. One of the most beneficial changes from the Montana ACA Medicaid expansion is that adults, even without children, are eligible for Medicaid coverage as long as their household income does not exceed 138 percent of the federal poverty level. Before the MT ACA Medicaid eligibility guidelines, there would not be as many adults receiving Medicaid coverage, especially those who were not parents.

What happens if the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion in Montana is repealed?

“Will the Montana Obamacare expansion of Medicaid ever be repealed?” is a question that some applicants and beneficiaries may ask. Currently, there is no way of telling how long the Medicaid expansion will be in place. If the ACA Medicaid expansion were to be repealed without a backup plan, millions of Americans would lose Medicaid coverage. Montana Medicaid expansion changes have directly benefited thousands of residents in the state, with an enrollment growth of 66 percent from 2013 to 2017. If the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion is repealed, then the Medicaid program may revert back to the old stipulations and rules regarding coverage, leaving thousands of beneficiaries without affordable healthcare options. When considering Affordable Care Act Medicaid eligibility in MT, it is important for all petitioners to stay updated regarding any sort of changes that may occur.