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The Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion program was created in an effort to keep more Americans in good health. The ACA Medicaid expansion has been offered to all states in the nation, including Louisiana. If widely adopted, the expansion of Affordable Care Act Medicaid eligibility could bring health coverage to millions of people across the country. Yet, news of the Obamacare expansion leaves many Louisiana residents wondering, “What is the expansion of Medicaid?” and “Will it affect my health care coverage in Louisiana?” Obamacare Medicaid expansion details in Louisiana may seem difficult to understand but are actually quite simple. The expansion mainly changes the Medicaid enrollment criteria in each state that moves forwards with the program. The Affordable Care Act Medicaid application requirements will be less exclusive to residents in states that agree to the expansion. To find out more about the Louisiana ACA Medicaid expansion, continue reading the outlined information below.

Learn About the ACA Medicaid Expansion in Louisiana

What is the Obamacare Medicaid expansion and did Louisiana implement it? Louisiana lawmakers have spent some time debating the Affordable Care Act expansion of Medicaid and its advantages and disadvantages on state residents and budget. Many of the benefits of the Medicaid program include keeping more residents in good health as well as the reduction of the uninsured rate and the amount of unpaid Medicaid bills. However, the ACA Medicaid expansion cost to states can be quite large. The federal government provides a sizeable amount of funds to states that have moved forward with the expansion, but each state will have to fund its share of the program as well. For some states, the cost of the ACA expansion is just too high.

So far, 31 states and Washington D.C. have accepted the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion, with 19 states opting out of the program. Louisiana is the most recent state to adopt the ACA expansion. The Louisiana Obamacare Medicaid expansion started in July of 2016 as state officials agreed that the cost of the program would be worth the benefits. The Medicaid expansion program is called Healthy Louisiana locally.

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What does choosing the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion mean for Louisiana?

The LA Obamacare Medicaid expansion details seek to add more people to the program by changing the Medicaid enrollment criteria. Before the Affordable Care Act expansion, many low-income adults could not receive health benefits based to income alone. This left out a large population of low-earning residents who did not have a child or dependent. With the ACA Medicaid eligibility standards being changed, Louisiana residents between the 19 and 64 years of age can receive Medicaid coverage if they earn less than a certain percentage of the poverty line. Also, those who were a part of the foster care program as children can receive Medicaid coverage until their 26th birthday.

These changes, made possible by the ACA expansion of Medicaid in Louisiana, will decrease the number of residents who do not have health insurance statewide. Since the LA Affordable Care Act expansion, the number of state claimants eligible for Medicaid coverage has increased to more than 400,000 residents.

Will the ACA Medicaid expansion allow me to enroll in Louisiana Medicaid?

Existing Medicaid beneficiaries enrolled before the Obamacare expansion of Medicaid will not be affected by the new guidelines. Before the ACA Medicaid expansion in Louisiana, senior citizens, children, parents, pregnant women and those with a disability could be eligible for Medicaid. The expansion largely affects adults with low incomes. Anyone can fill out the Louisiana Affordable Care Act Medicaid application but not everyone who applies will be eligible for enrollment in the program. Check the income requirements before starting the application to avoid being denied Medicaid insurance. Being denied Medicaid benefits does not mean you cannot get medical assistance in Louisiana. There are several other non-Medicaid health care programs available.

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