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The Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion is a program provided by the federal government to help keep more people healthy by increasing the number of people who receive medical benefits. In 2012, the ACA Medicaid expansion was offered to all 50 states including Colorado. The ACA expansion is not a requirement and each state has the legal right to decide if it would like to partake in the Medicaid program. This has left many people asking questions like, “What is the Obamacare Medicaid expansion?” and “Will my state accept the expansion?” The states that join the Medicaid expansion will change the enrollment qualifications. The extension will change Affordable Care Act Medicaid eligibility and consider income factors solely. Those who earn less than a preset percentage of the federal poverty line will be able to enroll in Medicaid. Before the expansion of Medicaid, other prerequisites needed to be met in addition to income. These changes will help those who apply through the Affordable Care Act Medicaid application to have a better chance of receiving Medicaid benefits. To learn more about the Colorado Obamacare Medicaid expansion details, read the content provided below.

Learn About the ACA Medicaid Expansion in Colorado

What is the Obamacare Medicaid expansion and did Colorado accept it? The Obamacare Medicaid expansion details are complex and have a large effect on the states that accept the expansion. The ACA Medicaid expansion cost to states has the potential to affect the budget of each state negatively, which is why some states have chosen not to proceed with the expansion. Only 31 states and Washington D.C. have decided to move forward with the Affordable Care Act expansion including Colorado. In 2013, the governor of Colorado announced that the state would participate in the expansion. The Medicaid program is locally referred to as Health First Colorado. The program came into effect in January 2014, changing the enrollment guidelines for Medicaid in Colorado. State officials decided that the benefits of the program would be far greater than any costs associated with the expansion plan. Most states that accepted the ACA expansion will participate in the plan until the early 2020 when state officials will review the program.

What does choosing the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion mean for Colorado?

Before the Affordable Care Act expansion in Colorado, adults without dependents had a difficult time receiving medical assistance. The Colorado ACA Medicaid expansion eligibility requirements have been loosened, allowing residents to be eligible for Medicaid based on income alone. With the ACA Medicaid expansion, those who earn up to 138 percent of the federal poverty line qualify to enter the program. This means that those who earn a low income will have a greater chance of being able to receive medical benefits. Since the ACA expansion installment, over 400,000 Colorado residents are insured through Medicaid.

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What are other benefits of opting in to the Colorado Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion?

The Colorado ACA Medicaid expansion plan has helped keep many Medicaid recipients in good health by allowing them to have affordable access to services like medical care, dental visits, mental health treatments and inpatient services. The CO Obamacare expansion has helped more young adults have access to health care than before. In fact, over 100,000 beneficiaries received help for a mental health issue and over 12,000 people received treatment for cancer since the expansion plan was implemented. Also, unpaid hospital bills have dropped by 36 percent.

The benefits of the Medicaid expansion are not limited to the personal health of the enrollees. The benefits of the program have largely outweighed the costs of the ACA Medicaid expansion in Colorado. The expansion will increase the state’s gross domestic product by about three billion dollars. It will also about 31,000 jobs across the state.

Will the ACA Medicaid Expansion allow me to enroll for Colorado Medicaid?

Getting the Colorado ACA Medicaid application is the first step to receiving medical benefits. Since the Affordable Care Act’s expansion, it will be easier for many Coloradans to be eligible for Medicaid. The expansion largely aids those who are between 19 and 64 years of age and meet income requirements. Children and the elderly are still able to be enrolled in Medicaid. However, not all applicants who apply will be accepted into the program.

Please take note: If you have applied for Medicaid benefits in Colorado and have been denied, you can still participate in other programs. Certain medical assistance programs are not a part of Medicaid and are available to those who do not qualify for Medicaid coverage. Likewise, other members of a household, like children, may be eligible for Medicaid enrollment through CHIP even if parents are not.

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