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Learn About Requirements for Medicaid in Mississippi

“What are the requirements for Medicaid in Mississippi?” is a question that many prospective applicants will ask. Knowing how to qualify for Medicaid is key when an individual is seeking health care assistance benefits. Mississippi Medicaid is a health care program that is jointly funded by the state and federal government and offers services for individuals and families considered low-income or very-low income. If a petitioner meets Medicaid benefits eligibility guidelines, Medicaid will provide coverage by paying health care providers, which include doctors, hospitals and pharmacists that accept Medicaid benefits. Mississippi benefits are available for a variety of individuals in categorized groups. Medicaid eligibility requirements can be met by low income families, seniors, pregnant women and people living with a disability or blindness. Candidates qualify for Medicaid benefits based on their income, age, family size and situation. These criteria also determine whether a participant will receive full Medicaid benefits, reduced coverage or limited benefits. Applicants interested in understanding the requirements for Medicaid in

Who qualifies for Medicaid in Mississippi?

The basic requirements for Medicaid in Mississippi are the same for every program. To be eligible for Medicaid, candidates must be a citizen of the United States or a qualified alien. Candidates must be able to provide official documentation as proof once they apply. All applicants must be residents of the state of Mississippi. Another basic Medicaid eligibility requirement is proof of identity. Meeting MS Medicaid eligibility guidelines for age and/or disability, as well as income, is required in order to receive assistance. Individuals are responsible for completing and submitting an application. Candidates must also provide any requested documentation for verification, within the allowed schedule limits, to ensure a quick and accurate determination. When determining a candidate’s eligibility for Medicaid benefits, case workers may request documentation if they feel the applicant has submitted questionable information. Any information that shows inconsistencies in the applicant’s oral or written statements must be verified.

What are the income requirements for Medicaid in Mississippi?

Federal law requires states to use established Medicaid eligibility requirements for income level when reviewing a candidate’s Medicaid application. The specific income requirements for Medicaid in Mississippi will depend on the applicant. For example, to qualify for Medicaid, pregnant women and working disabled applicants will be required to meet different income guidelines. To learn more about Medicaid income requirements, download our free guide.

When determining eligibility for Medicaid in MS, the program uses the value of an applicant’s resources as a factor. The following factors are considered when a candidate’s resources are being evaluated:

  • If countable resources go past the resource limit, an individual or couple is not eligible.
  • When determining benefits eligibility for Medicaid, not all resources count against the limit: The Social Security Act and other federal laws require certain types and amounts of resources to be excluded from a candidate’s determination.
  • If a resource is not stated under resources that should be excluded, it is considered countable.
  • Not everything a person owns is considered a resource.
  • In certain situations, the law requires others to share financial responsibility for an individual or couple. In those situations, Medicaid eligibility guidelines consider the resources of the other person(s) along with those actually belonging to the applicant.

Applicants are unable to meet Mississippi qualifications for Medicaid based on income alone, since the state did not accept the Affordable Care Act (ACA) expansion of Medicaid. However, MS health care eligibility requirements under the ACA are much broader. The ACA includes programs like the Mississippi Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and health insurance coverage through a federally facilitated marketplace (FFM) plan. Many households may qualify for cost-sharing reductions for out-of-pocket medical services and treatments covered by an FFM plan.

What are the Medicaid application guidelines in Mississippi?

The Medicaid application guidelines in Mississippi are simple, as there is one single application. When a petitioner applies for Medicaid, he or she will simultaneously be applying for FFM benefits as well. MS Medicaid application guidelines allow the applicant to apply for Medicaid benefits online, in person at a Medicaid office, by fax or by mail. The quickest way for a candidate to receive a determination on benefits is to file the application online. Applicants need to have their Social Security number or document numbers for legal immigrants and the dates of birth for every person in a household applying for benefits. Applicants interested in finding out if they meet all Medicaid eligibility requirements must also provide their employer and income information. If an applicant is already receiving health coverage, he or she must provide any policy numbers for current health insurance. To learn more about application guidelines for Medicaid, download our free guide.