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Learn About CHIP in Wyoming

What is CHIP Medicaid? Wyoming Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is intended to assist families with covering the cost of health care for children. Like Medicaid for children, CHIP provides WY minors with medical insurance but at an affordable price. Although CHIP and Medicaid enrollment in Wyoming is similar, each of these programs has different requirements and provides benefits in different ways. To find out what is covered by CHIP Medicaid in Wyoming and other important details about the program, read the information below.

What is the Wyoming Children’s Health Insurance Program?

Children’s Health Insurance Program in Wyoming goes by the name Kid Care CHIP. WY CHIP is a low-cost health insurance plan available to children whose families earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but still have difficulty paying for private insurance. Even if parents do not meet the requirements for Medicaid eligibility children in the household can still obtain health care coverage through CHIP.

Blue Cross Blue Shield administers this program in Wyoming and requires no monthly premiums, although parents may be required to pay copays for services. CHIP WY copays depend on the type of Kid Care CHIP plan the child qualifies for. Plan A has no copay requirements, while Plan B and C require that a small copay for certain services. Medicaid costs and coverage for children are comparable. Beneficiaries will find what is covered by CHIP Medicaid insurance will also cover.

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Is CHIP considered Medicaid in Wyoming?

Families may wonder, “Is CHIP considered Medicaid in WY?” after learning of the type of assistance this program may offer them. CHIP and Medicaid enrollment in Wyoming are part of two separate programs, even though the application forms and processes are the same. A family’s income largely determines its children’s eligibility for Medicaid or CHIP enrollment. To qualify for Medicaid eligibility, children in Wyoming need to belong to households with income at or less than 154 or 133 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL), depending on the age of the children in the household. Medicaid for children needs to be verified monthly in order to participate in this program.

Wyoming Children’s Health Insurance Program provides health insurance coverage to children whose household earns more than the limit set by Medicaid. WY CHIP eligibility is only verified once every 12 months. The CHIP WY program may involve higher copays than Medicaid.

Who qualifies for CHIP in Wyoming?

If your child does not qualify for Wyoming Medicaid enrollment, he or she may still be eligible to receive low-cost health care coverage. The Children’s Health Insurance Program provides health care to children whose families earn more than the Medicaid income limit, up to 200 percent of the FPL. Exact figures for Wyoming CHIP eligibility are dependent on the number of household members. The WY CHIP plan for which a child qualifies (A, B or C) is determined by household income, and enrollment in one of these plans determines the copay amounts. CHIP WY does not require Native Americans to pay any copays. However, Native Americans applying for Medicaid or Kid Care CHIP need to present a Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB).

To qualify for WY CHIP, children in Wyoming must be younger than 19 years of age. CHIP in WY also requires that children be United States citizens or legal permanent residents for at least five years. Applicants for Wyoming CHIP are also barred from having other health insurance for 30 days prior to qualifying for this program. Lastly, a child who qualifies for WY CHIP cannot qualify for Medicaid, be a dependent of a state employee or be a resident of a public institution.

What is covered by CHIP in Wyoming?

“What is covered by CHIP Medicaid?” is an important question that many Wyoming families may ask when seeking health insurance options for their children. It is important to note that CHIP and Medicaid enrollment are two separate programs. CHIP in Wyoming covers doctor visits, lab work and immunization vaccines. Preventative care, such as regular checkups, are always free under Kid Care CHIP. Additionally, WY CHIP covers prescription medications as well as mental health, vision and dental care. Wyoming CHIP may also cover medically necessary orthodontics, like braces.

How to Apply for CHIP in Wyoming

To apply for Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Wyoming, you will need your child’s birth certificate and Social Security Number, as well as your tax return, latest pay stub or other documentation that establishes the household’s income. You can apply for Wyoming CHIP online via the state website or apply over the phone by contacting the customer service center at 1-855-294-2127. You can also download and print a paper application or have one mailed to you. Once your WY CHIP application is completed, mail it to:

WDH Customer Service Center
2232 Dell Range Blvd., Suite 300
Cheyenne, WY 82009

You can also email your application to or fax it to 1-855-329-5205. Lastly, you can apply for CHIP WY in person by visiting the Cheyenne Customer Service Center.

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