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Learn About CHIP in Vermont

The Vermont Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a service the state of Vermont offers its residents, which assists in providing adequate healthcare to children younger than 19, as well as pregnant women. “Is CHIP considered Medicaid?” is a common question that arises. VT CHIP is closely associated with the state’s Medicaid plan, and many of its services overlap. CHIP, however, provides support to Vermont residents who do not meet Medicaid qualifications, but still have difficulty affording private insurance. CHIP in Vermont is referred to as the Dr. Dynasaur program. The information below explains The Children’s Health Insurance Program in Vermont, including the services covered and the program eligibility requirements.

What is Vermont CHIP?

VT Medicaid for children is available to families undergoing financial hardships. However, the qualifications for Medicaid eligibility children must meet may be unattainable for certain needy households in Vermont. If your household does not meet the criteria to receive Medicaid for your children as determined by the state, you may still be eligible to receive free or low-cost insurance coverage. The Children’s Health Insurance Program is a national program under Medicaid coverage that ensures the nation’s children all receive adequate medical attention. CHIP is administered differently in each state. The program is offered through Green Mountain Care, which manages the state of Vermont’s healthcare assistance programs, including Medicaid. Dr. Dynasaur provides low or no-cost health insurance to children younger than 19 years of age, as well as pregnant women, who meet the household income qualifications.

Is CHIP considered Medicaid?

“What is CHIP Medicaid?” is a question many Vermonters may ask when looking for assistance in covering their children’s healthcare costs. It is important to note that while CHIP and Medicaid enrollment may both be administered by Green Mountain Care, they are two separate programs. To successfully learn how to apply for Medicaid for children, your household’s income must be at or below 130 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Medicaid also pays for all qualifying medical expenses in-full.

CHIP, on the other hand, provides healthcare assistance to children whose households earn more than the maximum amount allowable to qualify for Medicaid benefits. Additionally, CHIP is not intended to cover the entire cost of a child’s healthcare. The Children’s Health Insurance Program in Vermont typically involves a monthly premium that eligible participants are required to pay. These premiums correspond to a household’s size and combined income.

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What services does CHIP cover in Vermont?

The list of what is covered by CHIP Medicaid is quite extensive. Remember that CHIP and Medicaid enrollment actually represent two separate programs administered by the same agency, Green Mountain Care. CHIP in Vermont exclusively goes by the name Dr. Dynasaur. Much of what is covered by Children’s Health Insurance Program overlaps with what Medicaid also covers.

The services covered by VT CHIP through Dr. Dynasaur include dental, vision and behavioral health services, in addition to basic medical care. An important feature of this program is Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT). This particular Vermont CHIP service is intended to detect, diagnose and treat any health conditions early on in children, so they do not become bigger issues later in life. Dr. Dynasaur may also cover certain non-emergency transportation expenses through Vermont’s Public Transportation Association. Dr. Dynasaur also provides a service called Team Care, which offers support in coordinating your child’s healthcare to prevent you from misusing your benefits, or using them excessively.

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Who qualifies for CHIP in Vermont?

In order for a child to qualify for Children’s Health Insurance Program in Vermont, he or she must be a resident of the state. The recipient must also be a child younger than 19 years of age. Furthermore, the recipient’s household must earn a combined income that is below 312 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Pregnant women can also receive services covered by Vermont CHIP, although they need to have an income less than 208 percent of the FPL in order to qualify. The exact percentage above the FPL a household earns within the eligibility guidelines determines its monthly Dr. Dynasaur premium. The lowest-earning households can expect to have a zero-dollar monthly premium for their children’s health insurance, while those households that earn a little more will incur a $15 premium. The highest-earning households that still fall within VT CHIP income limits pay $20 per month if their children already have insurance, or $60 per month if the children in the household are uninsured. These monthly premiums cover all children within an eligible household.

How to Apply for CHIP in Vermont

Applying for CHIP in VT can be done by visiting the Vermont Health Connect website, speaking with a customer service agent over the phone or having VT Health Connect assister help you in person. Perhaps the simplest method to apply for Dr. Dynasaur is through the Vermont Health website. Prior to applying for VT CHIP program, Dr. Dynasaur, remember to gather all legal identification documents for all of your household’s members, particularly your children. These documents can include Social Security cards and permanent resident cards, typically referred to as green cards. Also be sure to have the most recent tax returns for each member of your household on hand, as well as any paystubs or W-2 forms. If you need to speak with someone over the phone, you can contact Vermont Health Connect’s hotline. You can also speak to a representative in person at one of many sites throughout Vermont. Details on where to find in-person assistance are available on the Vermont Health Connect website.

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