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Learn About CHIP in South Dakota

The South Dakota Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) offers free or low-cost health care coverage to underprivileged children across the state. This SD CHIP coverage includes access to important medical services like doctor’s visits, routine check-ups, exams and more for children living in families that do not make enough money to buy insurance privately. Although the CHIP program is funded in-part by the federal government, states have substantial freedom in implementing their particular programs, with many choosing to provide CHIP as an expansion of Medicaid or as a separate program. As a result, “Is CHIP considered Medicaid?” is a question many parents and guardians interested in enrolling their children in the SD CHIP program often ask. However, the South Dakota CHIP program and Medicaid, although related, have different income requirements. Thus, children whose families qualify for one program may not qualify for the other. The following sections offer important information regarding the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in SD and its relationship to Medicaid, along with outlining the program’s application process and eligibility requirements.

Get Information About South Dakota CHIP

South Dakota CHIP and Medicaid enrollment is managed by the Division of Economic Assistance, which is part of the South Dakota Department of Social Services (DSS). As such, those enrolling in CHIP and Medicaid for their children only need to complete one convenient application. The Department of Social Services will then determine a child’s South Dakota CHIP and Medicaid eligibility depending on his or her family’s income. Although the two programs are administered through the same agency, those enrolling in Medicaid and CHIP in South Dakota have different income eligibility requirements. Download our free guide to review more information about CHIP and Medicaid income-based qualifications.

“What is covered by CHIP Medicaid in South Dakota?” is a question petitioners often ask when applying for health care. Both CHIP and South Dakota’s Medicaid for children, which comes in the form of the state’s Medical Assistance for Low-Income Families (LIF), offer coverage for services like check-ups, mental health, exams, laboratory tests, X-rays, prescriptions, vision and many others. The CHIP and Medicaid coverage for dental services is offered through Delta Dental of South Dakota, which covers dental exams, fillings, cleanings, dental sealants and more. Candidates may enroll in CHIP or Medicaid at any time, as there is no special period for enrollment in either program.

 What is CHIP Medicaid in South Dakota?

Since both Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in South Dakota are implemented by the Department of Social Services (DSS), the two programs share a few similarities. CHIP and Medicaid cover similar health care services for enrollees, including medical, vision and dental coverage. Additionally, Medicaid for kids and CHIP have similar eligibility requirements. However, to meet SD Medicaid eligibility children must live in households making considerably less money than those whose children are eligible for the CHIP program in South Dakota. According to the DSS, households eligible for CHIP must have maximum gross monthly incomes equivalent to roughly 200 percent of the federal poverty level or lower. However, it is important to remember that actual yearly values may vary. Download our guide to review more details about requirements.

Learn About South Dakota CHIP Requirements

To meet the SD Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) eligibility and learn how to apply for Medicaid, a child must be a resident of South Dakota, be younger than 19 years of age and be a U.S. citizen, qualified alien or legal permanent resident. Those seeking coverage under CHIP and Medicaid may be eligible for plans under CHIP in SD, even if they are already covered by private health insurance plans, as the program can help pay for deductibles, co-payments and other expenses the private policies do not cover. However, families whose children are already enrolled under health insurance are subject to higher income eligibility requirements when applying to the South Dakota CHIP program. Applicants will be considered for child Medicaid and CHIP automatically, as the South Dakota DSS uses one application for various services. As such, those who are unsure about their household’s eligibility for either program should apply anyway.

How to Apply for CHIP in South Dakota

Petitioners applying for CHIP in South Dakota will find various options for doing so, as the South Dakota DSS provides an online service that leads users through the CHIP application process. Parents of CHIP and Medicaid-eligible children also have access to printable applications that residents can submit by fax, through the mail or in person. To apply for Medicaid and CHIP coverage, South Dakota residents will need their Social Security Numbers or document numbers, employment and income information for everyone in the household, policy numbers for current health insurance and information regarding any employment-related health insurance available to the household.

Those interested in services covered by CHIP Medicaid in South Dakota may apply online on the South Dakota Department of Public Services website. They may also print applications from the same website, fill them out and either mail, fax or deliver the forms to their nearest Department of Social Services (DSS) offices. For those unsure about how to apply for the Children’s Health Insurance Program in South Dakota, assistance may be available by phone or in person. Enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP will begin on the date the South Dakota DSS receives the completed application. However, this coverage from Medicaid and CHIP may also extend for three months prior to the receipt of the application, helping petitioners pay for any unpaid medical expenses incurred during these months. In order to be eligible for this extension, applicants must provide proof of income for these months.

To learn more about CHIP coverage, download our free guide.