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Learn About CHIP in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is designed to help assist certain families and children in obtaining much-needed health care coverage. The RI CHIP and Medicaid enrollment process is available to everyone, but not every individual qualifies for these programs. Before proceeding with any type of Medicaid for children enrollment, interested petitioners should first examine the different programs available and determine which one is most suitable. After researching and understanding what is covered by CHIP Medicaid, potential applicants should also take the time to familiarize themselves with the appropriate application and enrollment processes. When it comes to Medicaid eligibility children may qualify for different programs that their parents or guardians do not. Furthermore, as applicants learn what is covered by CHIP Medicaid, they may also discover that many of their healthcare needs are mostly – if not completely – covered by this unique program that is designed with specific demographics in mind. To learn more about CHIP in Rhode Island, along with how to apply for CHIP, continue to the sections below.

What is the Rhode Island Children’s Health Insurance Program?

There are a few key differences between what is covered by CHIP Medicaid in Rhode Island versus other federally-funded programs that are available for application. For instance, some eligible applicants may question, “What is CHIP Medicaid in RI?” and, “How is this program different from other types of Medicaid?” when they are considering whether or not they should apply for CHIP. Often referred to as Rite Aid, CHIP benefits in Rhode Island are specifically designed to help young children and adults in families whose parents or guardians may not qualify Medicaid because their household incomes are above the allowed Federal Poverty Level. However, they also cannot afford to purchase private health insurance on their own. In these scenarios, they may qualify for CHIP in Rhode Island.

Is CHIP considered Medicaid in Rhode Island?

Along with wondering what’s covered by CHIP Medicaid, eligible petitioners may also pose the question, “Is CHIP considered Medicaid benefits in Rhode Island,” especially since CHIP offers many similar perks to Medicaid coverage that are featured as part of the program. However, as petitioners begin to explore RI Medicaid for children and the different coverage options available, they will find that Medicaid and CHIP are two distinct programs. In fact, while some of the methods for CHIP and Medicaid enrollment may be similar, petitioners will quickly find that there are not only eligibility differences between these programs, but also some differences for which beneficiaries are responsible. For example, according to Medicaid eligibility, children, alone are not the only ones who can qualify for the coverage this federal program delivers. With the Rhode Island Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), however, only individuals who fall within a certain income bracket and age range are able to participate in this program. Furthermore, once a petitioner understands what CHIP Medicaid is in Rhode Island and decides to apply for this program, he or she will be responsible for some cost-sharing expenses, whereas Medicaid does not typically apply these charges.

Who qualifies for CHIP in Rhode Island?

As already mentioned, petitioners who want to complete the CHIP and Medicaid signup must prove that they are first eligible to participate in the appropriate program. Those who want to learn how to apply for CHIP in Rhode Island first need to review the eligibility requirements, and ensure they can be considered for the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Children’s Medicaid is a different program, but if a family does not qualify for that program, members may be able to obtain CHIP benefits if the following requirements are met:

  • Resident of Rhode Island
  • Under 19 years old
  • Legal alien, permanent resident or U.S. citizen
  • Not covered by health insurance (including Medicaid)
  • Fall within a stipulated income range

Under Rite Care, if an applicant qualifies for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Rhode Island, then he or she can receive various health insurance benefits that assist in providing both routine care, as well as delivering other extensive services. Download our guide to read more information on the income qualifications for CHIP.

What services are covered by CHIP in Rhode Island?

If an applicant is unsure about what is covered by the CHIP Medicaid program in Rhode Island, then he or she may be surprised to learn that many of the services offered when learning how to apply for Medicaid are also available through CHIP. For instance, whether it is through CHIP or Medicaid eligibility, children are able to receive immunizations, prescriptions and even dental care. Furthermore, doctor’s office visits are also covered under CHIP, as well as lab tests and even hospital care. Specialist services can also be included in the Rhode Island Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and these services can be comprised of nutrition services, referrals to specialists and more.

How to Apply for CHIP in Rhode Island

Once an eligible applicant determines that he or she can and needs to complete the Rhode Island CHIP and Medicaid application process, then deciding which application submission method should be used is important. Eligible petitioners have a few methods available to consider. When learning how to apply for CHIP in Rhode Island, petitioners can opt to apply online through a custom portal, over the phone or by visiting a local office in person. Applicants can also choose to mail all necessary paperwork. Regardless of the method used, submitting all required information initially will assist in expediting the process and will help the health coverage benefits get administered that much sooner.

Download our free guide to read more information about CHIP applications and benefits.