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Learn About CHIP in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a uniquely designed program that is tailored to help families who do not qualify for Medicaid and may not have enough income to purchase private health care insurance. While some potential beneficiaries may ask “Is CHIP considered Medicaid?”, applicants to PA CHIP will discover that this program is separate from Medicaid. Furthermore, as petitioners answer the question “What is CHIP Medicaid?”, they will also learn that many of the benefits offered through CHIP are similar to the benefits and health care services that Medicaid delivers. Additionally, CHIP and Medicaid enrollment processes may be similar. To learn how to apply for CHIP in PA, prospective applicants can review the information below. Petitioners will also find out what is covered by CHIP Medicaid and what needs to be completed during the application process in order for CHIP benefits to be administered.

What is the Pennsylvania Children’s Health Insurance Program?

When it comes to Pennsylvania Medicaid eligibility children may qualify for a related health insurance program even if their household is ineligible for Medicaid. The Children’s Health Insurance Program provides no-cost or low-cost health insurance for uninsured children from households that exceed the income limit for Medicaid eligibility. Like Medicaid for children, PA CHIP is specifically created to help children get necessary medical services and ensure all participants receive routine care.

Is CHIP considered Medicaid in Pennsylvania?

The question, “Is CHIP considered Medicaid in Pennsylvania?” may arise among eligible participants in this program. While CHIP may operate in conjunction with Medicaid, it is in fact a separate program that is also offered by the state. Medicaid and CHIP in PA have a few key differences. The PA Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is designed to help young children, while Medicaid coverage is offered to people of all ages. CHIP has a higher income maximum for eligibility, so more households can qualify for CHIP. Additionally, after completing CHIP and Medicaid enrollment, some participants in CHIP will find they may need to pay a premium or other costs. Generally, Medicaid costs are kept lower, and the program does not require participants to pay these fees. Not all CHIP participants will need to pay a premium, but those with higher incomes will need to do so.

Who qualifies for CHIP in Pennsylvania?

After learning about what is covered by CHIP Medicaid in Pennsylvania, those who are eligible may be interested in applying for this program. The eligibility requirements for CHIP are different than the eligibility requirements for Medicaid. As with Medicaid eligibility children must be part of a household that falls below a certain income bracket in order to be considered for and receive this type of aid. To apply for CHIP in PA successfully, then the candidate must be:

  • Younger than 19 years of age.
  • A U.S. citizen or legal non-citizen.
  • A Pennsylvania resident.
  • Uninsured and not qualified for Medicaid.

After verifying eligibility for CHIP, interested petitioners should familiarize themselves and proceed with the CHIP application process.

What services are covered by CHIP in Pennsylvania?

If residents question, “What is covered by CHIP in Pennsylvania?” they will find that many different basic as well as extensive health care services are covered under this program. Along with routine health care (such as immunizations, routine check-ups and dental, vision and hearing services), other extensive services are provided under CHIP. For instance, the PA Children’s Health Insurance Program also offers coverage pertaining to emergency care, mental health care needs and hospitalization. Other additional services are available as extenuating needs may arise, including health care coverage relating to substance abuse treatment, therapy for rehabilitation and autism-related services. These are only a few of the different types of health care coverage that may be covered through CHIP, and additional services may also be available for participants to utilize. To learn more about services covered by CHIP and Medicaid, download our free guide today.

How to Apply for CHIP in Pennsylvania

If an eligible petitioner wants to know how to apply for CHIP in Pennsylvania, then he or she should review the following information. When pursuing CHIP or Medicaid for children, applicants have a few different options and methods available to them. Eligible petitioners can opt to complete CHIP and Medicaid enrollment online through the online custom portal. Petitioners also have the option to apply for CHIP over the phone or by mailing in an application form. After completing CHIP and Medicaid enrollment in PA, interested petitioners who qualify for this program can also check the status of their submitted application by directly contacting the CHIP insurance company that received the application.