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Learn About CHIP in North Dakota

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in North Dakota is designed to assist families who need health insurance coverage, and may be in financial positions where they cannot afford to purchase private forms of health coverage. CHIP and Medicaid enrollment is available for eligible residents; however, applicants should be sure that they understand the differences between CHIP and Medicaid, since each is a different federal program. Furthermore, in order for a petitioner to even successfully learn how to apply for Medicaid for children or to get CHIP benefits, he or she must meet certain eligibility requirements, first. After applicants determine that they are eligible, they can then review the different ways to apply for CHIP in ND. State residents who want to learn about what CHIP Medicaid is in North Dakota should review the following information.

What is the North Dakota Children’s Health Insurance Program?

“What is CHIP Medicaid?” may be a common question asked by residents who are in need of child health care coverage, and are not sure about where they can obtain the type of assistance needed. The ND Children’s Health Insurance Program is an excellent health coverage option for those in need of regular and preventive healthcare, but cannot afford private insurance on their own. Through CHIP in North Dakota, families who may not meet the qualifications for Medicaid can still get the kind of help needed. Catering to young adults and children who belong to families that fall within a certain income bracket, basic and advanced health care needs can be met at a minimal cost to beneficiaries. However, applicants who are trying to determine what’s covered by CHIP Medicaid and assess if they are able to participate in the program should note that not everyone is able to take advantage of CHIP due to eligibility stipulations.

Is CHIP considered Medicaid in North Dakota?

While the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in North Dakota is a federally funded program like Medicaid, and many may consider it Medicaid, it is in fact, a separate program. There are some distinct differences between CHIP and Medicaid in North Dakota. For instance, the eligibility requirements for Medicaid and CHIP are different. Additionally, the cost for healthcare services rendered with CHIP versus Medicaid is also different. With Medicaid for children, generally speaking, no payment is required. However, CHIP in North Dakota typically requires some type of cost-sharing.

Who qualifies for CHIP in North Dakota?

Benefits from multiple state-run programs cannot always be administered simultaneously. In fact, this is one of the ND Children’s Health Insurance Program eligibility requirements. A petitioner can only apply for the North Dakota CHIP program if he or she is:

  • Not older than 18 years of age.
  • A resident of North Dakota.
  • A U.S. citizen or a legal immigrant.
  • Not qualified for in any other type of Medicaid coverage or benefits.
  • Lives with a family who falls within the qualified income bracket.
  • Does not have health insurance.

With CHIP and Medicaid eligibility children of a family can only participate in one program, and if they are qualified for one they may not necessarily be qualified for the other. Download our free guide to read more about Medicaid for children and CHIP.

What services are covered by CHIP in North Dakota?

Through the North Dakota Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), recipients are able to enjoy a variety of health care benefits. If petitioners want to apply for CHIP in North Dakota, but are unsure about what is covered by CHIP Medicaid, then they should review the following information. One reason qualified applicants may ask, “Is the CHIP program considered Medicaid” is because both programs offer coverage for similar services. CHIP beneficiaries can expect to have the following services covered, although the cost for each service may vary:

  • Dental care, including visits, cleanings and fillings
  • Vision care, including the cost of the exam, as well as glasses
  • Prescription drugs and other pharmacy services, such as vaccines
  • Access to medical specialists and caretakers
  • Hospital services and care
  • Treatment for pre-existing conditions and health needs
  • Provision of medical supplies
  • Medical tests and procedures

The ND Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) may also cover additional services and various medical needs. To review a comprehensive list of covered services, download our guide.

How to Apply for CHIP in North Dakota

If a family has CHIP Medicaid eligibility, the children cannot receive the necessary health care or benefits until they have applied for the program. If a family wants to learn how to apply for CHIP in North Dakota, then applicants need to review the different methods available and the different application requirements. If a CHIP petitioner is only interested in trying to get medical coverage, then an Application for Health Care Coverage needs to be filled out and submitted to the Department of Human Services. Paper applications should be mailed to:

600 E. Boulevard Avenue
Dept. 325
Bismarck, ND 58505-0250

However, if an applicant wants to complete enrollment in North Dakota Medicaid or CHIP, as well as apply for other types of federal assistance, then an the Application for Assistance must be filed.