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Learn About CHIP in Delaware

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Delaware is intended to help children from low-income families have access to health insurance. DE CHIP is designed for children younger than 19 years of age who meet the qualifying standards of the program. This program helps keep children healthy by providing them with coverage for medical treatments and preventable care. “What is CHIP Medicaid?” is a question often asked by potential applicants in need of health care. CHIP and Medicaid enrollment may follow a similar process, but they have different funding streams and eligibility guidelines. To get answers to the question “What is covered by CHIP Medicaid?” read the following sections on this page.

What is the Delaware Children’s Health Insurance Program?

CHIP in Delaware is called the Delaware Healthy Children Program. The CHIP program exists separately from the DE Medicaid for children program, which is intended for a separate group of beneficiaries. If a family is denied Medicaid eligibility children can still get coverage through the CHIP program. Most medical services from providers, including doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, can be covered by this program. After CHIP enrollment, beneficiaries will find out which medical providers are in-network with the Delaware Health Children Program. Beneficiaries are welcome to keep their current doctor if the doctor is in-network.

Is CHIP considered Medicaid in Delaware?

Delaware CHIP and Medicaid are technically different programs. Medicaid is a government-subsidized form of health insurance, but it is for those with very low incomes. The Children’s Health Insurance Program is an extension of the Medicaid program, and it is designed for families who earn more household income but still need help providing health coverage for their children. The CHIP and Medicaid enrollment procedure is very similar. However, the eligibility guidelines for Medicaid enrollment will be different than those designed for enrollment in CHIP. Both those with Medicaid eligibility and CHIP eligibility in DE can start receiving benefits within a month. Notice of CHIP enrollment along with the CHIP health insurance card will be sent through the mail.

Unlike the Medicaid program, parents or guardians of children in the Delaware Healthy Children Program will have to pay a small premium to start their coverage and will continue to pay the premium each month. However, they will not need to pay any copays. To learn more about how to apply for CHIP and other helpful information, continue reading the following sections.

Who qualifies for CHIP in Delaware?

Before you learn what services are covered by CHIP in Delaware, you can become familiar with the eligibility guidelines for the program. People seeking either CHIP or Medicaid enrollment will have to qualify before they can continue with the enrollment process. The DE Children’s Health Insurance Program is available to applicants who:

  • Are a United States citizen, legal alien or permanent resident.
  • Are younger than 19 years of age.
  • Do not have health insurance.
  • Are part of a household that meets the income qualifications.

When applying for CHIP enrollment in Delaware, applicants will have to provide the Delaware Division of Social Services (DSS) with proof of their citizen or immigration status as well as proof of their income. To learn more about requirements for CHIP, you can download our free guide.

What is covered by CHIP Medicaid in Delaware?

CHIP eligible children usually have the same types of medical services covered by Medicaid health insurance plans. However, CHIP enrollees will have to pay a premium to have access to these services. The following are medical and health services covered by CHIP in Delaware:

  • Emergency room and hospital visits
  • Doctor visits and check-ups
  • Vision care
  • Hearing and speech services
  • X-rays and tests
  • Immunizations
  • Mental health services
  • Substance abuse services

There are many other forms of services covered by DE CHIP, and what treatments may be covered depends on whether the treatments are deemed medically necessary. Those with disabilities may have additional CHIP covered services, but there also may be limits on how many times in one year a service can be performed. For example, beneficiaries can only have one eye test covered each year. After CHIP and Medicaid enrollment, an applicant will receive more information about what services are covered. You can also download our free guide to learn more about services covered by CHIP.

How to Apply for CHIP in Delaware

Learning how to apply for CHIP in Delaware is a simple process. One can apply to CHIP online by creating and logging into an account with the state web portal. This account lets applicants check their eligibility and apply for many government programs, including CHIP. The DE Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) application can also be submitted by visiting a local DSS office. There are over 18 DSS offices across the state. The process of applying for CHIP can also be initiated over the phone. If someone has questions about Medicaid eligibility or CHIP enrollment, he or she can call the DSS helpline. Please be aware that lying or purposefully misleading the DSS during the CHIP application process could result in criminal charges.