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Learn About CHIP in Colorado

The Colorado Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is known locally as the Child Health Plan Plus. CHIP and Medicaid enrollment help residents have access to affordable health insurance. CO CHIP provides low-cost health insurance coverage to children whose families may not qualify for Medicaid but still need help getting access to affordable health insurance. To find out if how to apply for CHIP and what is covered by CHIP Medicaid, continue reading the information below.

What is Colorado’s Children’s Health Insurance Program?

What is CHIP Medicaid in Colorado? The main differences between Medicaid and Medicaid for children are the eligibility requirements and participants’ costs. Even if a household does not meet the requirements for Medicaid eligibility children of the home may still qualify for enrollment in CHIP. The Child Health Plan Plus in Colorado is specifically for minors 18 years of age and younger as well as certain pregnant woman who do not qualify for the Medicaid plan. Those who apply for CHIP and are enrolled will have access to many health professionals by selecting a doctor or other medical professional from CHIP’s Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).

Is CHIP considered Medicaid in Colorado?

The Children’s Health Insurance Program in Colorado is an extension of the Medicaid program. Much like Medicaid for children, CHIP is paid for by both state and federal funds. The program helps select low-income applicants have affordable health insurance even though they may not be able to enroll in Medicaid. If a family has been denied Medicaid eligibility children from that household can still be enrolled in health care coverage from the Child Health Plan Plus program.

Those who have passed the Medicaid enrollment process CHIP and can receive affordable health insurance coverage in as little as 30 days. While most people who are enrolled in CHIP will have to pay copayments or annual fees, expectant mothers and Native Americans will not. Those enrolled in Colorado CHIP will have 30 days to pay their annual fee. If the enrolled claimant fails to do so, he or she will have to reapply to the program.

Important information regarding one’s enrollment in CHIP or Medicaid will usually be sent through the mail. Be careful not to throw away anything from the CHIP program, as important items like the CHIP insurance card and notice for reapplication will be sent through the mail.

Who qualifies for CHIP in Colorado?

To enroll in Children’s Health Insurance Program in Colorado, petitioners must meet certain eligibility requirements. Before an applicant can learn how to apply for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, he or she first must learn who qualifies for benefits. To seek CHIP enrollment, applicants must be:

  • A child who is 18 years of age or younger.
  • A pregnant woman 19 years of age and older.
  • Able to meet federal guidelines for income.
  • A United States citizen or a legal resident.
  • Medicaid ineligible.
  • Without health insurance at the time the application is submitted.

For a comprehensive list of requirements for Medicaid enrollment, download our free guide.

What services are covered by CHIP in Colorado?

Once enrolled in Colorado Children’s Health Insurance Program, enrollees will have access to a variety of medical services. What is covered by CHIP Medicaid in Colorado? The following services are covered by CHIP in the state of Colorado:

  • Routine check-ups and visits to the doctor
  • Emergency care and hospital stays
  • Prescriptions and immunizations
  • Mental health services
  • Maternity care

Some services covered by CHIP Medicaid are exclusive to select participants. For instance, dental care is available for children enrolled in the program, but not expectant mothers. Additionally, families with higher incomes may be responsible for a portion the health care costs for Medicaid enrollment. Colorado CHIP lasts 12 months and applicants can reapply as early as three months before their coverage’s expiration date. Pregnant women will continue to have services covered by CHIP for 60 days after the end of their pregnancy. A pregnant woman can only reapply to CHIP if she becomes pregnant again.

How to Apply for CHIP in Colorado

There are many ways to apply to Children’s Health Insurance Program including online, in person, by phone or by mail. Both CHIP and Medicaid enrollment can be completed online through a Colorado PEAK account. To apply in person or by mail, CHIP applicants must first fill out the needed paperwork. Applicants can then mail or bring the CHIP form to their local county office. To learn how to apply for CHIP over the phone, simply call 1-800-221-3943. If one of the family members who is applying for CHIP has a disability, the applicant may have to fill out an additional form regarding this disability as well. CHIP enrollment and application questions can be addressed by calling th1-800-359-1991. Customer support can be provided in both English and Spanish.

Download our free guide for details on how to apply to Medicaid and find out which documents are needed during the application process.