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How to Apply for Medicaid in Utah

By learning how to apply for Medicaid in Utah, prospective applicants can have a better understanding of how the process works before they begin. Understanding what the Medicaid application process consists of can benefit new applicants who are not too familiar with the program. Finding out information such as where to apply for Medicaid, along with where to find a Medicaid application form can help potential candidates regardless of whether they have made the decision to apply. With some knowledge and answers to the most pressing questions, the process can be simple for petitioners. In order to find out more information regarding Medicaid applications in UT, including what to do when a Medicaid application form is denied eligibility, continue reading the sections below.

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Utah?

Understanding where to sign up for Medicaid in Utah is an important first step, as not every state offers the same Medicaid application methods. In Utah, applying for Medicaid coverage can be completed in a variety of ways: online, by mail, by fax or in person. The majority of applicants choose to apply for Medicaid online, as it is the simplest way to access the form and the quickest way to submit the application. Applying for Medicaid online can be completed wherever an applicant has access to a computer. Additionally, petitioners can return to their application after creating an account through the web portal. Candidates also have the ability to apply for Medicaid by downloading a UT Medicaid application from the internet and either mailing it, faxing it or returning it to the Department of Workforce Services in person. The paper Medicaid application form can be found online and completed as the applicant chooses. Once completed, the application for Medicaid can be to the following address:

Department of Workforce Services
PO Box 143245
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-3245

Applicants can also fax the application form to the Department of Workforce Services at 801-526-9505. Petitioners who are looking to apply for Medicaid benefits in Utah can visit the Department of Workforce Services in person to obtain a copy of the application form, or they can submit the completed Medicaid application form there, too. An in-person visit can be beneficial to new applicants, as it offers them the opportunity to have any outstanding questions answered by trained professionals. Ultimately, it is up to the prospective applicant to determine the best way to apply for Medicaid that suits their needs. For more detailed information about applying for Medicaid, download our free guide today.

Information Required on the Medicaid Application Form in Utah

The Utah Medicaid application form has a purpose —to gather as much relevant personal information from a prospective applicant as possible in order to determine if they fit the Medicaid program’s eligibility criteria. Not everyone who chooses to apply for Medicaid in UT will be approved, and based on the information they contribute, a decision will be made. It is important for first-time applicants to know what the Medicaid application will require in order to be prepared when beginning the process. For instance, the applicant will need the Social Security Numbers for all household members seeking health care assistance. Not having this information when completing the application for Medicaid can delay the process. More information that a Medicaid form requires includes:

  • Personal information regarding the applicant: name, Social Security Number, date of birth, address, home phone number and citizenship/immigration status.
  • Personal information regarding household members: relationship to applicant, Social Security Number, birth date, citizenship and marital status.
  • Any qualified immigration documentation.
  • Employment information.
  • Income for all household members.
  • Tax deductions.
  • Other health insurance coverage options available.

You can download our free guide to learn more about the information required for a Medicaid application.

Information Not Required on Utah Medicaid Applications

The Medicaid application in Utah is as thorough as possible, covering a variety of necessary areas of information. However, there are certain pieces of information that an application for Medicaid will not need in order for the program to make a determination of eligibility. For instance, a form for Medicaid will not require an applicant or his or her household members to submit to a criminal background check or a credit history check. There may be other government programs that rely on this type of information, but Medicaid is not one of them. Furthermore, an applicant’s unmarried partner who file taxes separately will not need to contribute their information to the Medicaid application form, as long as the partner is not also requesting health care assistance. The UT Medicaid form will explain in detail the types of information required, and anything else will not be necessary.

Learn the Steps to Take After a Medicaid Application Denial in Utah

After the Medicaid application in Utah is completed and submitted, a notice will be sent to the applicant to advise of approval or denial of eligibility. If an applicant feels their application for Medicaid has been incorrectly denied, then they have 90 days to request an appeal from the date the notice was received. An appeal hearing cannot be requested for applicants denied of presumptive Medicaid eligibility. There will be steps on the Medicaid application denial letter that illustrate how an applicant can request an appeal. Any appeal made outside of the allotted 90 days will not be honored. It is worth noting that the Department of Workforce Services in Utah is not required to honor every appeal request that is made.