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How to Apply for Medicaid in North Carolina

“Where do you sign up for Medicaid in North Carolina?” may be the top question for individuals seeking Medicaid coverage in the state. To learn how to apply for Medicaid in NC, applicants must find the correct, reliable information. Individuals can apply for Medicaid online, in-person, by mail or on the phone, but the process is generally the same. Petitioners simply need to complete their Medicaid application correctly and accurately in order to be reviewed to receive benefits. Applicants only need to submit one application, and their local county Division of Social Services (DSS) will determine if they are eligible for Medicaid or the North Carolina Health Choice (NCHC). There is no deadline to apply for Medicaid in North Carolina. Individuals may apply and receive benefits at any time of the year. Learn where to apply for Medicaid, and get information about alternative application methods by reading the following sections.

How to Apply for North Carolina Medicaid Online

Applying for Medicaid online in North Carolina is the most popular method for individuals seeking Medicaid benefits because it makes the entire process convenient. Petitioners can complete a Medicaid application form on North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services website using the department’s online portal. Candidates who would like to apply for NC Medicaid online but do not own a computer can visit any of the DSS Self-Service Centers and utilize the center’s computers to complete their online Medicaid application. The online portal was designed to be very user friendly, so it is one of the easiest methods for applicants to use. Candidates can fill out their entire Medicaid application form electronically and not have to worry about losing any important paperwork or documents.

How to Apply for NC Medicaid in Person

Applicants interested in applying for North Carolina Medicaid in person can visit their local DSS office and ask to complete a Medicaid application. The paperwork can be lengthy and the NC Medicaid application will require extra documentation, so it is important for applicants to set time out in their schedule in order to complete their Medicaid application form correctly. All individuals seeking to apply for Medicaid in person should bring required documentation to avoid making multiple trips. Applicants can also download the application for Medicaid online, fill it out and then bring the completed application in to their local DSS office for submission.

How to Apply for North Carolina Medicaid by Mail

Applicants who prefer to apply for North Carolina Medicaid by mail have the option to do so. NC residents who are interested in submitting an application for Medicaid by mail can call their local DSS office and request an application by mail. Once an applicant has completely filled out the NC Medicaid application, he or she can mail it back to his or her local DSS office. Applying for Medicaid by mail can be convenient for some, but keep in mind that if you are interested in quickly receiving benefits, applying by mail may not be the best option due to the process being slower.

How to Apply for NC Medicaid by Phone

Applicants who require help filling out their Medicaid application form can opt to apply for benefits by phone. Petitioners must simply call their local DSS office and inform them that they would like to apply for Medicaid by phone. A caseworker will guide the applicant through the process and also be able to determine whether the applicant qualifies for benefits.

What is needed to apply for Medicaid in North Carolina?

Individuals interested in submitting a Medicaid application must have a North Carolina Identity Management (NCID) number before applying. A NCID is a secure user ID and password set up by the individual that allows applicants to have access to many North Carolina government agencies. In order to meet eligibility requirements for Medicaid in North Carolina, applicants must currently be a resident and be able to prove their financial situation as low-income or very low-income. Applicants are also required to provide the following documentation to complete their Medicaid application form:

  • Proof of citizenship/alien status
  • Identity documents
  • Documentation to verify North Carolina residency
  • Social Security card, Social Security number, or proof of an application for a number from the Social Security office
  • Required information for all car, trucks, motorcycles, boats or other vehicles owned by the applicant or anyone in the applicant’s household
  • Most recent bank statements
  • Current financial statements/award letters from other sources of income

Applicants will be required to provide additional documentation when applying for Medicaid. To learn more about required documentation for a Medicaid application, download our free guide.