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How to Apply for Medicaid in Hawaii

Understanding the correct way to fill out the Hawaii Medicaid application form is often a concern of those interested in applying to the program. Knowing how to apply for Medicaid is vital to ensuring that you have the best chance of gaining enrollment in Medicaid. You must also know where to apply for Medicaid in the state of Hawaii. The Medicaid application will also require you to verify your identity by providing certain documents with the form. Most people will have to provide information on their birth certificate, Social Security card, W-2 form and more. When looking into Medicaid, many people ask, “Where do you sign up for Medicaid and where do you find a Medicaid application?” To answer these questions and learn to apply for Medicaid online in HI, read the following sections on this page.

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Hawaii?

You can apply for Hawaii Medicaid using one of several methods. The fastest and most convenient way is to apply online for Medicaid through the portal created by the state of Hawaii. This electronic portal allows you to check your eligibility and get customer support. However, the HI online Medicaid application may not be the best option for everyone, especially those who do not have easy access to the internet.

The Hawaii Medicaid form can be printed out from the internet and filled out by the applicant. Once the application for Medicaid is completed, it can be mailed, faxed or hand delivered to the Med-QUEST office. There is no central location one can mail or fax their application to, so be sure to send your application to the right office. If you need any help with the Medication application, you can contact the program by phone. When you apply for Medicaid in HI, you can request an interpreter in over 15 languages. To learn more about Medicaid application methods and guidelines, you can download our free guide today.

Information Required on the Medicaid Application Form in Hawaii

When you apply for Medicaid in Hawaii, you will be required to give certain points of personal information to the program. To prevent benefits fraud on the Medicaid application, you will have to provide certain types of paperwork to prove your identity and your eligibility for Medicaid. To prove that you and your family meet the income requirements, you will have to give documentation of your monthly or yearly income and information on your employer. The form for Medicaid will ask for a copy of your W-2 form or your recent paystubs. Non-citizens applying for Medicaid in HI will have to provide proof of their immigration status by providing a copy of their green card, naturalization certificate or I-94 card.

When you sign up for Medicaid in Hawaii, the application requires that you list these important details on the form. You will be asked to give the following information on the Medicaid form:

  • Your full legal name, birth date and Social Security Number.
  • Your health insurance coverage.
  • Your employer and your income.
  • Your citizen or immigration status.
  • Health insurance coverage offered by your employer.

If you are signing up for Hawaii Medicaid, you will have to give information about your spouse or children. You may also fill out the Medicaid application form for your children or other members of your household even if you are not seeking medical assistance for yourself. Please be aware that lying on the Medicaid application is considered a criminal offense. To learn more about required information and documentation for a Medicaid application, you can download our free guide.

Information Not Required on Hawaii Medicaid Applications

When you apply for Medicaid online or with the paper application, you will have to provide substantial amounts of information. However, there are certain details you will not need to give to the Medicaid program. Generally, adults who are older than 21 years of age will not have to list their parents on their application. Yet, if their parents still list them as a dependent on their taxes, then adult applicants will need to list their parents.

On the Medicaid application, domestic partners that are not married to the applicant do not need to be listed. Children of the unmarried partner also do not need to be mentioned on the form. However, when applying for Medicaid, you need to be sure you are listing members of your family who file taxes with you on the form for Hawaii Medicaid. This is important because your income eligibility will be based on the number of people in your household.

Learn the Steps to Take After a Medicaid Application Denial in Hawaii

Not everyone who signs up for Medicaid will be accepted into the program. However, if you are denied Medicaid coverage, you can still take action. Filing an appeal will allow the Medicaid program to review your information and give you a second chance at enrolling in Medicaid. Appealing your denied Medicaid application will not guarantee that you are accepted into the program but it may help your chances. You can learn how to appeal by reading the information provided in your denial letter.