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How to Apply for Medicaid in Delaware

Knowing how to apply for Medicaid in Delaware and where to get the Medicaid application form is often a priority for those who need medical benefits through the Medicaid program. It is crucial that all applicants learn where to apply for Medicaid and how to fill out the Medicaid application the right way. Knowing if you can apply for Medicaid online can save you time and effort. In addition to understanding the application, you also must know what types of documents and records you will need to verify your eligibility for the program. Many applicants may find themselves asking, “Where do you sign up for Medicaid?” or “What does the DE Medicaid application require?” when they first look into the program. To answer these questions and more, review the sections below.

Where do you sign up for Medicaid In Delaware?

Candidates can apply for Medicaid benefits in Delaware using one of several different methods. Applying for Medicaid online is the simplest and fastest way to start the enrollment process. Applicants need to create an account or log in to the Delaware assistance portal if they already have an account. This account allows you to submit an online Medicaid application and to get more information about the Medicaid program. Applicants can also apply to other benefits programs, such as the food stamps program, through this account.

If you do not want to apply for Medicaid online in Delaware, you can print the application out. Then, you can mail a completed DE Medicaid application to your local Delaware Division of Social Services office. There is no main office for the Division of Social Services to which you can mail your application. So, you must make sure you are sending your application to the correct address.

You can ask any questions about how or where to apply to Medicaid in DE by calling Delaware’s Medicaid assistance customer service number. Applicants can also request that an application be sent to them. Please be aware that Long Term Medicaid coverage will have different application procedures than those seeking general Medicaid coverage. After signing up for Delaware Medicaid, you will receive a response between 20 to 45 days after submitting your application. To learn more about application methods for Medicaid, you can download our free guide.

Information Required on the Medicaid Application Form in Delaware

After you have decided on where to apply for Medicaid in Delaware, you will need to make sure you are submitting the right documents with the application. To ensure that all applicants to the Medicaid program are genuinely in need of medical benefits and are not making fraudulent claims, applicants will have to prove their identity when applying to the program. Along with the DE application for Medicaid, you will need to prove your identity with a birth certificate or another form of valid identification. You will also need to prove your income by providing a W-2 or paystubs. If you are not a citizen when applying to the Medicaid program, you will need to provide documentation of your immigration status with items like your green card. If you are pregnant at the time of applying for Medicaid benefits, you will need to provide medical documents that verify your pregnancy. If you are applying online for Medicaid, the required documents can be mailed in separately. Please do not send originals, only send in copies of these documents.

When signing up for Delaware Medicaid enrollment, you will not have to provide information on your assets, such as any property you might own. While an interview is not required for enrolling in traditional Medicaid benefits, those interested in Long Term Medicaid will have to sit for an interview. To learn more about required information for a Medicaid application, you can download our free guide today.

Information Not Required on Delaware Medicaid Applications

When applying for Delaware Medicaid coverage, you will have to provide a lot of information about yourself. Yet, there are some pieces of information that the program will not need you to include. Regardless of where you apply for Medicaid in DE, if you are older than 21 years of age, you will not need to provide information about your parents or any other adult relative as long as you are filing your taxes separately. The application for Medicaid will also not require you to give information about an unmarried partner who is not seeking medical benefits. Also, if that unmarried partner has children, they will not need to be mentioned on the form. However, you will need to accurately list members of your household who will be filing with you on your taxes. Income eligibility for Medicaid is decided by how many members are in your family, so it is important list all those who are applicable.

Learn the Steps to Take After a Medicaid Application Denial in Delaware

If you sign up for Medicaid in Delaware and are denied enrollment, there are actions you can take. A denial is not necessarily permanent, as those with denied Medicaid applications can file an appeal with the program. This means the Division of Social Services will review your case again. Please note, if you are indeed accepted into the Medicaid program, your enrollment will not last forever. The average Medicaid recipient will have to reapply for Medicaid benefits every year unless told otherwise.