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Individuals who have recently had their financial circumstances change know how difficult it can be to find affordable health insurance. Petitioners who are in need of financial assistance for health care should download our guide to discover the medical assistance benefits that are at their disposal. Our guide provides intensive information about the Medicaid program and how you can become insured for little or no cost, based on your situation.

Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are joint health initiatives that aim to supply financial help for medical costs to needy families and individuals who cannot afford private health care. CHIP helps provide coverage to children who may be overqualified to receive Medicaid. In many states, pregnant women can also qualify for CHIP benefits. Interested applicants can learn more about this program and whether or not they may qualify to receive CHIP assistance by downloading our guide.

Both programs can be incredibly beneficial by providing low-cost, and sometimes free, health coverage policies. Each individual state is responsible for determining which benefits are offered to resident participants. These benefits are referred to as a state’s “optional benefits.” Our guide carefully explains what services can be considered as optional. Nonetheless, there are some health services that have been deemed as “mandatory benefits” by the federal government. Download our guide to learn about these mandatory benefits that are covered across the country, and find out how you can apply for coverage today.

Furthermore, you will find guide articles that provide you with helpful information on how to stay healthy, details on the other types of coverage that are available to individuals who do not qualify for Medicaid, and much more.

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