How to Maintain a Healthy Daily Water Intake

Water helps individuals regulate body temperatures, flush out waste and cushion joints. Humans must stay hydrated throughout the day, especially if they are sick, physically exerting themselves or are in warm environments. However, ensuring that people have constant access to water can be difficult. Water bottles can be bulky and inconvenient, and ice melts quickly. Some locations offer drinking fountains, but residents may not always be able utilize them. Additionally, some people dislike the taste of water. While some of individuals’ daily water intakes can be obtained from foods and other beverages, there is no substitute for water. The team at encourages you to discover how to overcome accessibility and taste issues and maintain healthy water intakes.

Bring a Water Bottle

Water bottles are portable and come in various sizes. Smaller water bottles can be fastened to purses or belt loops to enable citizens to use both hands easily. The team at suggests purchasing water bottles with features such as temperature-controlled lining or extra seals to make consuming water more enjoyable. Consumers are also advised to select durable water bottles made of materials that will be less likely to erode in the dishwasher. You should remember that disposable plastic water bottles should not be reused frequently to prevent water contamination.

Add Flavor

If individuals are bored with plain water, then fruit and water enhancers may be the solution. People can infuse fruit or add enhancers to water change its flavor while preserving its benefits. Some water bottles even have special compartments to facilitate fruit infusions. Most water additives contain fewer calories than other flavored drinks, and fruit like lemon and lime mix well with water. The team at encourage citizens to alternate flavors daily or weekly to keep water tasting fresh.

Freeze Water Bottles

Warm water is not appealing for most citizens, but ice tends to melt before the end of a standard work day. Freezing water bottles overnight will guarantee that water will stay cold throughout the day. The team at recommends that citizens remove the frozen water bottles about a half an hour or so prior to leaving to allow the ice some time to begin melting. This method permits citizens to begin drinking cold water immediately.

Order Water in Restaurants

Other drinks contain unwanted calories and sugars. Replacing some beverages with water will save people money and improve their health. Not only will the change encourage weight loss, but also the extra water consumption will make you feel more energized. The team at suggests combining water enhancers and fruit juice to water at restaurants using their own additives. Most restaurants provide fruits such as lemons to add to water.